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EDGES™ with Mal Fletcher is a colourful, magazine documentary programme that takes a very fresh and different look at the social issues shaping the values of today's world and the lifestyles of tomorrow. Using its unique format, each half-hour program explains positive Christian worldview perspectives on the most pressing problems of our time.

EDGES is hosted by social commentator Mal Fletcher, an Australian who now calls Europe home. The content of each program is substantial, featuring a number of different segments including expert, interviews, vox pops and on screen quotes and facts.

EDGES is produced in Europe and features some of the region's most scenic backdrops.

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Next Wave International

Next Wave International is an organization that seeks to explain the Christian worldview to contemporary cultures, with a special focus on Europe.

Founded and led by social commentator, global speaker, author and media producer Mal Fletcher, Next Wave International aims to make the Christian perspective on life accessible to people via TV, video, the Internet, books and other media. It also works alongside networks of churches, to help shape a more contemporary church style that accommodates a changing world and emerging generations, while remaining 'on message'.

For more information and resources, go to: www.nextwaveonline.com


Mal Fletcher Mal Fletcher, Producer / Presenter / Writer

Originally from Australia, Mal and his wife Davina live near London. They have three adult children, all of whom live in the UK. They were previously based in Copenhagen, Denmark for 9 years. The creator of Edges, Mal was the founding national director of Youth Alive Australia in the 1980s-early 1990s and is the founder/director of several major European initiatives including the Strategic Leadership Consultation - a think-tank summit for church network leaders - Next Wave International and the 2020Plus think tank on social change and forward-looking leadership. He is often called upon for social comment in mainstream media (e.g. BBC, Sky, ABC etc) and his speaking work has him traveling extensively throughout the world.


Rory Springthorpe, Director / Videographer

Rory is the head of Vivid Broadcast, a media production company based in Sussex, England. His company does a lot of corporate media work, but Rory is very passionate about spreading Christian ideas through the media. Visit www.vividbroadcast.com.

Ruth McGeown, Assistant Producer / Vox Pop Presenter

Ruth is a producer who works with the BBC in London.  Ruth and her husband live in Sussex, England and Ruth is passionate about bringing a positive and professional Christian influence into the world of media.

Tina Kornbek Meyer, Director / Videographer

Tina is a producer and director who is in constant demand for her TV work.  She is married to TV journalist René and has two beautiful girls. They live on the Danish island of Bornholm. Her goal is to make a positive difference in people's lives through media.

Stephen Montgomery, Online Editor

Stephen is co-head of Vivid Broadcast (see above), a gifted editor and a man committed to sharing his faith  through media.

Unit Producers

See below.

For a full list of the credits for Series 7, click here. (PDF, requires Adobe or similar reader).


Tina Kornbek Meyer, Producer / Director / Videographer

See above. Tina has been a major part of the Edges project since its very first series back in 1996 and was producer for series 4-6.

René Meyer, Editor

For series 4-6, René was the man who expertly pieced the programmes together. He has extensive experience, having worked on TV news and many other TV formats. He loves his wife (Tina), his daughters and his Danish bicycle!

Henrik Christensen, Vox Pop Presenter

Henrik is married to Maria and they live in Copenhagen. As well as looking good on TV, Henrik is a gifted song writer and singer. Henrik presented the vox pops for series 4 -6.


Simon Malcolm, Simon Malcolm Productions, Australia

Simon is a gifted producer, editor and presenter working in Australia. His work is featured in some of the Meaning of Life segments in series 6 & 7.  His company provides corporate promotions, training programmes and TV commercials. Simon and his wife and children live in Adelaide. Visit www.simonmalcolm.com

Rory Springthorpe, Vivid Broadcast Ltd, UK

Rory and his team produce quality TV and video from their base in Horsham, England. Not only are they responsible for some of the Meaning of Life segments in series 6 & 7, they were also the main production unit for series 7. The company works with broadcast TV, live events and corporate video. Visit www.vividbroadcast.com.

Catherine Powys, UK

Catherine is a key part of the growing webcast outfit at Premier.tv, a part of London's Premier Radio. Catherine trained as a journalist but is now heavily involved in production of specials and documentaries. She is also a part of Hillsong Church, London. Catherine's work features among Meaning of Life segments for series 7.

Howard King, HK International, Spain

Howard and Sue King work in production, filming and editing in the south of Spain (near Malaga). Their work is featured in some of the Meaning of Life segments in series 6 & 7. They have their own programme on satellite TV and are also involved in leading a church. Visit hkint.co.uk.

Sean Clines, USA

Sean is a gifted TV and video producer who lives in Minneapolis, USA. He is involved with producing coverage of various types of events and his work is featured in one of the Meaning of Life segments for series 7. Visit ProphetNathanProject.org.


Over more than 14 years, Edges has featured on both independent Christian and mainstream channels in various parts of the world. (It has also been seen extensively on the web, via various webcasters.) Broadcasters of series 4-7 have included:

... as well as other terrestrial and cable stations in various nations.