EDGES™ with Mal Fletcher is pleased to recommend the following sites as sources of great resource and information:

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NWI Sites:

  • This is main site for Next Wave International, producers of Edges. It contains great social comment, podcasts, leadership resources and more - plus news on what Mal Fletcher and others are doing across Europe and the world.
  • This is the official leadership and media site for Mal Fletcher and features some samples of his work for secular media and community and corporate leadership training.
  • This is the area of the Edges site devoted to the Catalyst TV series, in which Mal Fletcher interviews leaders in various fields who are bringing transformation through their faith.
  • The Change 2020 project is an initiative all Next Wave International which brings together church and civic leaders, with the aim of producing a decade of positive change in cities by the year 2020.
  • Great clips and excerpts from some of the most popular Edges programs, plus other media materials by the team.
  • Short comment on major news and issues - updated several times daily.

News Sites:

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Faith and Christianity: