Persecution - Mal Fletcher speaks with Bishop Dr Michael Nazir-Ali

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About this Interview

Horrifying reports are emerging worldwide about a rise in persecution and oppression of Christians and other minority groups in various regions of the world. Recently, the global community has been shocked to read of atrocities and possible genocide in the Middle East. In this interview, Mal Fletcher speaks with Bishop Dr Michael Nazir-Ali about the historical, political and religious origins of militant extremism and what might be done about the problem of persecution – and for the persecuted.

Bishop Dr Michael Nazir-Ali

Bishop Dr Michael Nazir-AliPersecution

Bishop Dr Michael Nazir-Ali is an Anglican bishop, author, media commentator and passionate advocate for persecuted people around the world. He is the former bishop of Rochester (England) and Raiwind (Pakistan) and regularly comments and writes on issues relating to extremism and Muslim-Christian relations. An eminent scholar and strongly evangelical Christian, he studied at Cambridge and Oxford universities, Harvard School of Divinity and the Australian College of Theology. As a member of the House Lords, he has contributed to many debates of national and international importance. He is the head of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue and has dual Pakistani and British citizenship. He and his wife Valerie live in England. For more:

Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is a social commentator, futurist, broadcaster, author and speaker. He is chairman of the London-based 2020Plus think tank on social change and leadership innovation and leads Edges TV. His commentary features regularly in the media (e.g. BBC) and press in Europe and beyond. Originally from Australia, where he was the founding national director of Youth Alive Australia, he has been based in Europe for twenty years. He and his wife Davina live just outside London. They have dual Australian and British citizenship. For more visit:

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